Harper’s 18 Months Old and Here’s What’s New!!!

My little man is growing so fast! He’s enjoying his new adventures in Maryland! However, we do miss Minnesota and all of our friends and family. Harper is also, ever so patiently, waiting for the arrival of his baby Sister who is due in December! We can hardly wait to give her sweet kisses and welcome her into the world. On another note, I am trying to get my business going here in Maryland. It’s been a little tough due to us trying to settle in, meet new friends, my husband traveling constantly, and with me being pregnant. I am excited to finally have a Fall family photo session booked for Sunday! Yay to being back on track! Well, here’s a few photos of Harper and some sweet maternity photos that my friend, Amber, helped capture on top of Annapolis Rocks along the Appalachian Trail. 

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Aiden’s 9 Month Photo Session & Family Christmas Photos

I am going to miss watching this little peanut grow! I have been photographing Aiden since he was 3 months old and I have known his mother for a good 6 years. I’m sad to miss his first birthday, but I can’t wait to see photos!

Here are some moments captured of sweet little Aiden at 9 months old!





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Aiden’s 6 Month Photo Session!

Aiden is growing up to be such a Handsome, Sweet little fella! I enjoyed more of a lifestyle session with Aiden and was able to capture the things that he loves most in his own environment. I just love watching little ones have fun with the things they truly love and feel most comfortable with.

Happy 6 Months Aiden and I can’t wait to do your 9 month photos!!!!


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Brooklynn’s 6 Month Photo Session!

Oh my what beautiful baby blues! Brooklynn was an absolute bundle of joy and expressions! I had a blast photographing this lovely little lady! Her Grandmother was so kind and these photos were a surprise to Brooklynn’s Mommy. I hope she enjoys these precious moments and adorable memories!

Here’s the lovely little miss Brooklynn!

Happy 6 Months!

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